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Formed in 2016 by Florida native Waylen Roche and Wisconsin transplant Austin Douse, Noise Downstairs is a pop-soul outfit based out of Brooklyn, NY. After playing together in a series of other bands, Roche and Douse brought together their wide range of influences, from Steely Dan and D’Angelo to The Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem.

Their debut album, “Soul of a Rider,” is the coalescence of these sounds, a collection of songs spanning six years in Roche’s writing life that weaves themes of love, loss, and the struggle between chasing city dreams and yearning for a life of adventure on the open road.


Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar / Waylen Roche

Drums / Austin Douse

Bass / Teddy Motz

Guitar / John Baldofksy

Vocals / Taylor Plas

Sax / Kevin Edell


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by Noise Downstairs